(Saudi Arabia)

REDWAN MEDICAL SERVICES (RMS) was established in 1977 as a division of Redwan Group of Companies, which was founded in 1976. Aside from RMS, Redwan Group of Companies have several other companies under its umbrella namely: ALREDWAN CONTRACTING, ALREDWAN READY MIX CONCRETE, and ALREDWAN WOODWORKS. Each company has autonomous management and facilities and works independently of each other.
Redwan Medical Services is considered as one of the largest distributors of medical, laboratory and dialysis equipment and supplies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. RMS was the first Medical Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be accredited ISO 2009 in 1996, and registered as Class “A” Company with Saudi Food and Drug Association (SFDA) since 2009.

Quality Policy Statement:

“RMS strives to improve customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services”

Head Office

The Head Office of Redwan Medical Services is located in the city of Riyadh, a premier commercial center in the central region of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.

Redwan Medical Services understands the importance of efficient ordering, stocking and prompt delivery. Its Material Department is computerized and is managed by professional staff comprising of the Material Manager, Assistant Officer, two computer operators and back-up staff stationed at the warehouse.

The RMS Finance Department is fully computerized as well and is managed by a professional accountancy team. The Accounting department’s staff members support the Marketing and Sales Manager in all aspects of service to the customers including follow-up services to ensure continuous availability of stock items.

Maintenance Unit

Redwan Medical Services employs qualified engineers who are equipped with cellular phones so they are available on call 24 hours a day to maintain and service equipment sold/distributed by RMS.

Sales Offices

RMS is represented throughout the Kingdom by 16 sales representatives assigned in six ideally located cities as follows: RMS Head Office is located in the City of Jeddah (Western Region) where it has 4 salesmen and 1 Area Manager. Riyadh City is the location of the RMS Central Region Sales Office where it has 4 Salesmen and 1 Area Manager. The Al-Khobar City Sales Office (in the Eastern region) has 2 Salesmen and 1 Area Manager. Madinah City is where the RMS Northern Sales Office with 1 salesman. Down in the Southern region is the RMS Abha City Sales Office where 1 salesman is assigned.

All RMS Sales Offices and staff are equipped with the latest in communication technology, like: facsimile, telephone lines, mobile phones, and e-mails to ensure fast and efficient communications and service to its customers. The whole Kingdom is overseen by the Marketing and Sales Manager with the assistance of the Product Specialist and Marketing Coordinator. RMS sales representatives are all college educated in either engineering (biomedical), medical or laboratory science fields.


RMS stocks are stored in a modern warehouse with a floor area of 1,600 sq./m. located in the outskirts of Jeddah. It has a 24 sq./m cold storage room with a controlled temperature of 2-8 C for lab reagents and other stocks that are temperature sensitive. RMS utilizes a fleet of four 20-foot long containers and one 10-foot long container trucks to distribute goods throughout the Kingdom. There are several smaller trucks based at the Head Office and at the branches to ensure the speedy delivery of urgent orders.


RMS continuously strives to maintain maximum efficiency and expertise among its sales force by providing in-service training both inside the Kingdom and abroad. The RMS Head Office in Jeddah has a training room equipped with a LCD projector, video machine, television set, computers, and various learning aids. Sales representatives come to Jeddah at least twice a year for a two-week training session with overseas manufacturers, in addition to the weekly product training sessions at the branch offices by in-house trainors. This policy enables the sales staff to keep abreast with new products and technology. RMS also enrolls its sales staff in sales and marketing seminars conducted by professional groups’ expert in these fields.

Marketing & Promotional Strategies

1- DIRECT MARKETING – Eighty per cent of RMS business is gained through direct selling to the end-users, such as medical institutions, hospital laboratories, and private clinics in the Kingdom.

2- TENDERS Twenty per cent of its sales come from Government Tenders and Contracts. Public tenders are conducted within the rules and regulations applied in the Kingdom as set by the Ministries.

3- SYMPOSIA & SEMINARSRMS also sponsors several symposiums and seminars to educate and distribute information on RMS products. It coordinates with major hospitals and scientific societies. RMS also conducts its own seminar inviting international speakers (in cooperation with the supplier) directly to the end users.

4- MAIL CAMPAIGNSRMS conducts several mail campaigns within a year to different hospitals in the Kingdom to ensure that they are consistently up-dated on the latest development on different products marketed by RMS. Mail campaigns include promotional materials, scientific articles, product catalogues and list of new products.

5- ADVERTISINGRMS advertises in different medical magazines, newspapers and other material with wide circulation. RMS features mostly its main line of products.

Distribution Policy

EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORSHIP– Generally, RMS prefers to deal with suppliers on an exclusive basis to ensure that both parties’ respective sales strategies are concentrated toward a common goal. This system avoids a situation where RMS and the manufacturer compete with their own products. Exclusivity is also an important factor in view of the necessary servicing and maintenance of equipment.