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DWA is a global player for conception, planning and integration of water treatment, concentrate supply and media supply systems for dialysis centers.

As manufacturer and supplier of all required systems for media supply DWA has established an excellent image. DWA products “made in Germany” are successful and operate reliably world-wide.

In the sensitive world of dialysis DWA’s innovative technologies allow users and patients to look to the future with trust and confidence.

Dialysis center operators profit from DWA’s many years of experience and technical know-how as a full-range supplier, plus the safe and trouble-free operation of all equipment

DWA pre-filtration concept

The individual elements of pre-filtration

The DWA pre-filtration concept includes specific devices for different demands which are upstream of the Reverse Osmosis Systems.

The configuration of the pre-filtration depends on the local raw water quality. Requirements for effective pre-filtration to archive drinking water quality for a safe and long-lasting operation of the Reverse Osmosis System are water analysis, measurement of the blocking index as well as the knowledge of the exact water hardness.

Changes in raw water quality – also of temporary nature – affect the dimensioning of necessary pre-filtration and requires continuous monitoring.

Only an individual pre-filtration concept protects the Reverse Osmosis and provides maximum operational safety and maximum cost effectiveness.






High permeate flow and operational safety

modula S-XL – The redundant Reverse Osmosis System

The redundant configuration of the modula S-XL ensures high permeate capacity and highest operational safety and reliability.

The modula S-XL can be configured optionally in two modes:

Fully redundant – one membrane package ensures the complete supply of dialysis

Eco-Mode – both membrane packages are communicating and adjust the permeate capacity to the respective requirement

Those intelligent settings of the water-cooled submersible pumps provides a maximum economy at minimized noise.






modula S – Central Reverse Osmosis System for dialysis water treatment

The modula S  grants optimal safety and reliability. Due to economical construction and smoothness, the system can be used near treatment stations.

The development goal of the modula S  was to attain a well balanced high economical and technical standard.

The high level of easy serviceability and the reduced water consumption – achieved by the combined conductivity / temperature control – minimizes operating costs.







DWA – innovative supply technology

Automatic central concentrate supply

DWA systems offer continuous supply of several concentrates.

The central supply of the dialysis systems with concentrated electrolyte solution is an expedient investment from an economic as well as an procedural point of view.

The chemical and physical requirements of these supply systems require highest demands on materials and technology.







Concentrate ring mains in LD PE, concentrate nipples and couplings in VA or PEEK as well as the professional planning and installation is the requirement to a safe and failure-free function of the concentrate supply and a high operational safety.

The concentrate supply system CeCon 3000 enables the supply of dialysis systems of all manufacturers with all container types and sizes.

Central Heat Disinfection Systems

Microbiological safety by ultrafiltration and heat disinfection

Regular heat disinfection of the complete distribution ring counteracts the cultivation of biofilm fragments and meets long-term microbiological requirements.

Retrograde entrained microorganisms, biofilm fragments or endotoxines can be eliminated only absorbent by use of modern ultrafiltration membranes.

The combination of ultrafiltration and heat disinfection ensures ultrapure permeate and protects patients from pyrogenic reactions.