Flexible Home Therapy

Al Redwan Medical Services is pleased to introduce the latest version of the System One: The System One S. This new version comes with added functionality over the current generation.
With the higher dialysate flow rates offered by the System One S, wider ranges of therapy options are now available. Higher dialysate flow rates may mean the ability to increase clearance, put larger patients on therapy, or decrease treatment time or frequency.
The System One S features:
• 18 L/hr dialysate flow rate
• New ergonomic handles
• Same look and feel as current cycler.
 NxStage System One S (NX1000-3) Brochure

    Therapy Options for Every Lifestyle

Whether your patients are working professionals, students, or retired, the System One S offers flexible therapy solutions to fit each of their unique lifestyles. The System One and System One S let patients play anactive role in their healthcare, by letting them participatein deciding what therapy options work best. The System One S can provide flexibility for your patients that prefer less frequent therapy. It may also provide proven clinical benefits for those patients that wish to dialyze 5 or 6 days per week. The System One S helps deliver a wider range of therapy options for our patients.